Upper Hutt Sports Club Directory


1. Overview

Upper Hutt has a large variety of sports clubs to cater for your sporting needs. Whether you're into football, tennis, golf, you name it, we'll have it in here! Get in touch with the clubs direct using the links to start the fun.

2. Archery

Trentham Camp Archery Club

Club Contact: Irving Campbell
Phone: 027 321 9255
Email:  trenthamarchery@gmail.com
Facebook: Trentham Camp Archery Club 
Registration: Spring and Summer courses for beginners, enquire at any time

3. Athletics

Upper Hutt Athletics Club

Club Contact: Stephen King
Phone: 027 268 0444
Email: upperhuttathletics@gmail.com
Web: sporty.co.nz/upperhuttathletics
Facebook: Upper Hutt Athletics Club Facebook Page  
Registration: Registrations always open, season runs from mid October through to mid March 


Trentham Harriers

Club Contact: Bethany Walker 
Phone: 022 432 7120
Email: trenthamharriers@gmail.com
Web: trenthamunited.com
Facebook: Trentham Harriers 
Instagram: Trentham Harriers 


4. Badminton

Upper Hutt Badminton

Contact: Roderick Raymundo
Phone: 027 508 4221
Email: rgraymundo@xtra.co.nz
Facebook: Upper Hutt Badminton 
Season: Tuesday nights during term time, no commitment to play each week


Badminton Hutt Valley

Phone: 04 577 2064
developmentofficer@bhv.org.nz or hvbadassoc@xtra.co.nz
Web: Upper Hutt Sports Club Directory
Facebook: Badminton Hutt Valley Junior Badminton Club
Registration: Enquires welcome all year round, begins Term 1 2023, non-members can utilise the badminton hall also


5. Basketball

Upper Hutt Basketball Club

Email: upperhuttbasketball.ymca@gmail.com
Facebook: Upper Hutt Basketball

6. Boxing

Heretaunga Boxing Club

Facebook: Heretaunga Boxing

7. Bridge

Upper Hutt Bridge Club

Phone: 04 528 6038
Email: upperhuttbc@actrix.co.nz
Web: upperhuttbridgeclub.org.nz

8. Chess

Upper Hutt Chess Club

Email: arh4109@xtra.co.nz
Facebook: Upper Hutt Chess Club

9. Cricket

Upper Hutt Senior Cricket Club

Women's Cricket - upperhuttcdo@gmail.com
Men's Cricket - samuelshukla@gmail.com
Facebook: @UpperHuttUnitedCricketClub 


Upper Hutt Junior Cricket Club (Yr 1-8)

Contact: Simon Beattie
Phone: 021 702 694
Email: info@juniorcricket.co.nz
Web: juniorcricket.co.nz
Facebook: Junior Cricket Upper Hutt
Registration: Open early September through to early October


10. Croquet

Waimarie Hutt Valley Croquet Club

Phone: Terry McBeth 021 022 27432
Email: whvcroquetclub.secretary@gmail.com
Web: waimariehvcroquet.org

11. Cycling

Hutt Valley Thunderbolts BMX Club

Email: admin@hvtbmx.org.nz
Web: https://www.sporty.co.nz/hvtbmx/Home
Facebook: Hutt Valley Thunderbolts BMX


12. Dance 

Upper Hutt Scottish Country Dance Club

Contact: Kath McCulloch
Phone: 04 970 5751
Email: upperhutt@dancescottish.org.nz
Facebook: Upper Hutt Scottish Country Dance Club
Season: March to November Wednesday Evenings 7.30pm-9.30pm


13. Darts

Upper Hutt Darts Association

Contact: Bruce Symons
Email:  upperhuttdarts@xtra.co.nz
Web: sporty.co.nz
Facebook: Upper Hutt Darts
Season: Summer and Winter leagues available, games Thursday nights and club champs Friday nights

14. Dog Clubs

Wellington Welsh Corgi Club

Contact: Michael Romanos (President)
Email: mjromanosnz@gmail.com
Phone: 021614821
Season: Open all year round


15. Disc Golf

Greater Wellington Disc Golf

Email: admin@greaterwellingtondiscgolf.com
Web: greaterwellingtondiscgolf.com
Facebook: Greater Wellington Disc Golf

16. Fencing

Hutt Valley Fencing

Email: huttvalleyfencing@gmail.com
Web: huttvalleyfencing.org
Facebook: Hutt Valley Fencing

17. Figure Skating

Wellington Figure Skating

Contact: Sue
Email: president.wgtnfigureskating@gmail.com
Web: wellingtonfigureskating.co.nz
Facebook: Wellington Figure Skating
Season: Skating lessons operate during school terms

18. Fishing

Hutt Valley Angling Club

Email: huttangler@hotmail.com
Web: huttvalleyangling.org.nz
Facebook: Hutt Valley Angling Club

19. Floorball

Upper Hutt Floorball Club

Contact: Andrew Bargh
Email: uhfloorball@gmail.com
Facebook: Upper Hutt Floorball
Registration: Enquire at any time

20. Football

Upper Hutt City Football Club

Contact: Katie
Email: katie@upperhuttcityfootball.org.nz  
Contact: Tristan
Email: Tristan@upperhuttcityfootball.org.nz
Web: upperhuttcityfootball.org.nz
Facebook: Upper Hutt City Football
Registrations: Close end of March 2023

21. Golf

Royal Wellington Golf Club

Contact: Kim Kerr
Phone: 04 528 6900
Email: office@royalwellington.com
Web: royalwellington.com
Facebook: facebook.com/royalwellingtongolfclub 
Registration: Open all year round


Te Marua Golf Club

Phone: 526 7020
Email: temarua@golf.co.nz
Web: temaruagolfclub.co.nz
Facebook: facebook.com/upperhuttgolf/


Trentham Camp Golf Club

Phone: 04 527 7039
Email: info@trenthamgolfclub.co.nz
Web: trenthamgolfclub.co.nz
Facebook: Trentham Camp Golf Club
Registration: Open all year round


22. Gym Sports

Rimutaka Gymsports

Contact: Brooke
Phone: 04 526 2990
Email: office@rimutakagymsports.nz
Web: rimutakagymsports.com
Facebook: Rimutaka Gymsports
Registration: Enquire through email, as spaces are limited


23. Hockey

Upper Hutt Hockey

Contact: Karey
Email: upperhutthockey@gmail.com
Facebook: Upper Hutt Hockey
Season: Pre-season starts February, enquiries welcome all year round

24. Horse Riding

Upper Valley Pony Club

Email: uppervalleyponyclub@gmail.com
Web: sporty.co.nz/uppervalleypc
Facebook: Upper Valley Pony Club
Season: Ridden season starts in September and ends in May. Unmounted winter rallies during the "off season". All enquiries welcome


Hutt Valley Riding for the Disabled

Email: bronwyn@hvrda.org.nz
Web: hvrda.org.nz
Facebook: Hutt Valley Riding for the Disabled


Thompsons Horse Centre

Email: thompsonshorsecentre@xtra.co.nz
Web: thompsonshorsecentre.co.nz
Facebook: Thompsons Horse Centre

25. Ice Hockey

Wellington Ice Hockey

Web: wiha.nz
Facebook: Wellington Ice Hockey

26. Indoor Bowls

Upper Hutt Valley Indoor Bowls Association

Phone: 0221078970 
Email: jennyr.williams@ymail.com
Facebook: Upper Hutt Valley Indoor Bowls
Season: Starts in late March

27. Inline Hockey

Rimutaka “Renegades” Inline Hockey Club Inc

Contact: Jessica Craw - Club Chairman
Email: renegadesihc@gmail.com
Web: Rimutaka Renegades 
Season: February through to end of November

28. KartSport

KartSport Wellington

Email: club@kartsportwellington.co.nz
Web: kartsportwellington.nz
Facebook: KartSport Wellington
Season: Open all year round

29. Kayak & Canoeing

Hutt Valley Canoe Club

Email: huttvalleycanoeclub@gmail.com
Web: huttvalleycanoeclub.org.nz
Facebook: Hutt Valley Canoe Club

30. Lawn Bowls

Upper Hutt Bowling Club

Contact: Chris Kerr
Phone: 027 418 7034
Email: upperhuttbowls@gmail.com
Web: bowlsupperhutt.co.nz 
Season: September through to April, weekly winter bowls competition also


Bowls Silverstream

Contact: Brian Ruby
Phone: 04 528 3918
Email: Silverstreambowls@gmail.com 
Web: Silverstream Bowls
Facebook: Silverstream Bowls 
Season: September to May, register at any time

31. Martial Arts

Rimutaka Aikido Club

Web: huttaikido.org.nz


Self Defence Upper Hutt

Email: sduh.team@gmail.com
Web: selfdefenceupperhutt.co.nz
Facebook: Self Defence Upper Hutt


Upper Hutt Martial Arts Academy

Contact: Callum Forbes
Email: cgrforbes@gmail.com
Web: hapkido.co.nz
Facebook: Upper Hutt Hapkido
Registration: Open all year round


Seido Karate Upper Hutt

Email: info@seidokarateupperhutt.co.nz
Web: seidokarateupperhutt.co.nz
Facebook: Seido Karate Upper Hutt


United Taekwondo 

Phone: 0210 249 2376
Email: Blair@uniteditfnz.org
Web: uniteditfnz.org


Upper Hutt Judo Club

Email: uhjc@wja.org.nz
Web: sporty.co.nz
Facebook: Upper Hutt Judo


Upper Hutt Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Email: uhbjj5018@gmail.com
Facebook: Upper Hutt Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
Registrations: Enquire at any time



32. Model Trains

Maidstone Model Engineering Society

Email: mmes.upperhutt@gmail.com

33. Motorsport

Kartsport Wellington

Email: club@kartsportwellington.co.nz
Web: kartsportwellington.nz
Facebook: Kartsport Wellington
Season: Open all year round

34. Netball

Upper Hutt Junior Netball

Facebook: Upper Hutt Junior Netball


Upper Hutt Maidstone United Netball Club

Email: maidstonenetball@gmail.com
Web: sporty.co.nz
Facebook: Maidstone Netball 
Season: Trials begin mid to late February


Orienteering Hutt Valley

Email: secretary@ohv.org.nz
Web: ohv.org.nz

35. Petanque

Silverstream Petanque

Phone: 021772512
Email: lorrainegray7@gmail.com
Facebook: Silverstream Petanque
Season: P
lay all year round, Wednesdays and Sundays from 1:30pm


Upper Hutt Petanque

Contact: Adrienne Gwerder
Phone: 04 971 9192
Email: dagwerder@gmail.com
Facebook: facebook.com/UpperHuttPetanque 
Season: Open all year round, enquiries welcome

36. Pickleball

Upper Hutt Pickleball

Contact: Chris
Email: christopher.rich@me.com 
Facebook: Upper Hutt Pickleball 

37. Rifle Shooting

Greater Wellington Muzzle Loading Club

Contact: Bryan 
Email: info@gwmlc.org.nz
Web: gwmlc.org.nz
Facebook: Muzzle Loading Club
Registration: Open all year round


Trentham Rifle Club

Phone: Kevin Win 021 312 544
Web: upperhuttrifleclub.co.nz


Upper Hutt Smallbore Rifle Shooting

Facebook: Upper Hutt Smallbore Rifle Club


38. Roller Derby

Remutaka Roller Derby

Phone: Alex Hewitt President 027 345 1213
Email: remutakarollerderby@gmail.com
Facebook: facebook.com/RemutakaRollerDerby


39. Roller Skating

Upper Hutt Roller Skating Club

Email: secretary@skatewellington.org.nz
Web: skatewellington.org.nz
Facebook: Upper Hutt Roller Skating Club
Season: Registrations open each school term

40. Rugby League

Upper Hutt Tigers

Phone: Ben Lia 021 986 680
Email: ben@srg.co.nz
Facebook: Upper Hutt Tigers

41. Rugby Union

Upper Hutt Junior Rams Rugby Club

Email: juniors@uhramsrugby.co.nz
Web: sporty.co.nz
Facebook: UH Junior Rams


Upper Hutt Rams Rugby Club

Phone: 04 528 2011
Web: uhramsrugby.co.nz
Facebook: Upper Hutt Rams

42. Running & Walking

Trentham United Harriers and Walkers

Contact: Bethany Walker
Email: trenthamharriers@gmail.com 
Web: trenthamunited.com
Facebook: Trentham Harriers
Instagram: Trentham Harriers


Upper Hutt Walking and Tramping Club

Phone: Judith: 021 508 020, Anne-Mette (Secretary): 022 064 9691
Email: Judith: kiwikipa@gmail.com, Anne-Mette: amkvers@gmail.com
Web: uhwtc.org.nz

43. Squash

Squash Upper Hutt

Email: vcwebster@xtra.co.nz
Facebook: Squash Upper Hutt

44. Speed Skating

Valley Inline Speedskating Club

Phone: 021 1337541
Email: valleyinline@gmail.com

45. Softball

Demons Softball Club

Contact Juniors: Rachel 027 706 3869
Contact Seniors: Brent 021 468 450
Email: sec.demons.softball@gmail.com
Web: Demons Softball
Facebook: Demons Softball Club
Registration: August through to 30th October 2022


Totara Park Softball Club

Contact: Melissa Middleton
Email: sec.tpsc@gmail.com
Web: Totara Park Softball Club
Facebook: facebook.com/totaraparksoftballclub.co.nz
Registration: August, season is October through to March


46. Table Tennis

Moonshine Table Tennis Club

Geoff Brown 021 063 0511
Lionel Hinton 027 452 3807
Email: geoffbrown_05@yahoo.com 
Club days: Wednesday 9am-12pm, Thursday 7.30pm-10pm

47. Tennis

Pinehaven Tennis Club

Paul Bennett or Mark Hurley
Email: pinehaventennis@live.com
Web: Pinehaven Tennis
Facebook: Pinehaven Tennis Club


Upper Hutt Tennis Club

Contacts: James Murphy
Email: upperhutttennis@gmail.com
Web: upperhutttennis.co.nz
Facebook: Upper Hutt Tennis

48. Touch

Total Touch

Contact: Bronwyn Jahnke
Phone: 021 286 8240
Email: admin@totaltouch.org.nz
Web: totaltouch.org.nz
Facebook: Total Touch
Registration: open 18th October

49. Wood-Chopping

Upper Hutt Axemans Club

Email: trukthedog@hotmail.com
Facebook: Upper Hutt Axemans Club