What happens if I want to build it differently?

Builders are responsible for building in accordance with the consented plans and specifications. If you want to make changes you need to let us know, as any change requires an amendment or minor variation prior to that piece of work commencing. Use 'Form 2' below for amendment applications.

If you want to make a small change to your building consent, please speak with a member of the building team to see if you can make a minor variation rather than follow the formal amendment process. You can do this by calling Upper Hutt City Council on 04 527 2169 and asking to speak with a building officer or by approaching the inspector onsite to discuss the changes. The officer will advise whether any additional supporting documentation will need to be supplied. If we're satisfied that the proposed change is minor, it will be recorded and kept with the consent documentation in the Council's system.

Further guidance on what constitutes a minor variation can be found on the Building Performance website.