What can I do in my zone?


The way land is zoned reflects how it is used and what sort of activities can happen there. Zoning can also identify how the way land is used is expected to change in the future. Zoning rules require us to consider potential effects development or activity might have on:

  • environment
  • heritage
  • culture
  • conservation
  • people

What you can build and where

Each zone has rules specifying:

  • what you can build
  • how high you're allowed to build
  • what sort of activities you can use buildings or land for

Check the zone for your property

To find out which zone your house is in, you can look up your address in the in the Xplorer property tool below.

Launch Xplorer

District Plan 

The Council is required to prepare a District Plan under the Resource Management Act 1991.

The District Plan is the primary document that manages land use and development within Upper Hutt. It contains rules that may affect you if you are preparing a land use proposal or development.

To learn more about the different activities allowed in your zone view the District Plan.