Resource consent process

You, or someone representing you, such as a builder, architect, and surveyor or planning consultant must complete an Application for Resource Consent and submit it to the Council, either in person by post or by email to

There is a fee for processing applications and an assessment fee must be paid with your application. Application fees cover the cost of processing your application only. Fees are not refundable if your application is declined or withdrawn. Other fees may also apply.

The Resource Management Act requires that the assessment period for resource consent applications take a maximum of 20 working days, provided all the necessary information included and your proposed project does not need to be notified. The 20 working day time-frame can be extended in special circumstances.

Any resource consent will follow one of three procedures:

  • non notified
  • limited notified
  • publicly notified

The Council monitors projects it has issued resource consents for. It also investigates building work that may be breaching the District Plan rules and standards by not having the necessary consents.

If you are concerned a development may not comply with the District Plan rules and standards or the requirements under the Building Act, contact us as soon as possible.

Current Notified Consents



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