Consent conditions and advice notes

All consents are issued with the condition that agents authorised by the building consent authority can inspect (during normal working hours).

Consents granted with building code waivers and/or modifications may have any conditions that the territorial authority considers appropriate. Other conditions can be applied such as:

  • Building on land subject to natural hazards a condition that the building consent authority will notify the consent to the Registrar-General of Land which may result in an entry on the Record of Title.
  • Building over two (or more) allotments a condition that the respective allotments must not be transferred or leased except in conjunction with each other. Note: this is only relevant when the allotments are held by the same owner in fee simple.
  • Conditions when building work has a specified intended life; the consent will specify certain conditions that must be complied with at the end of that specified life (for example, alteration, demolition or removal).

Conditions are actions that are required to achieve/or maintain compliance. Information notes and required items (inspections and documents) are attached to building consents. These are important advice notes that need to be well understood.