Solid waste management and minimisation bylaw

Upper Hutt City Council is considering adopting a new proposed joint-bylaw, along with the other Wellington Regional Councils.  This will enable us to meet our legal obligations under the Waste Minimisation Act 2008, and to more effectively manage the issues and negative impacts of solid waste on the environment. It will also assist Council to improve its understanding of the solid waste collection services in the city and how waste is being disposed of.   

Summary of the proposed bylaw

The proposed bylaw:

  • Clarifies requirements and responsibilities for the appropriate deposit, collection and disposal of waste.
  • Encourages better waste management and minimisation practices at large outdoor public events.
  • Provides the ability for Council to better understand and manage waste generated by large construction and demolition activities.
  • Enables Council to more effectively manage waste, public nuisance, and litter issues created by unaddressed mail and advertising material.
  • Requires better provision for the management of waste and recycling generated by multi-unit developments (10 or more residential units).
  • Requires registration (licencing) of waste collectors and waste operators to enable Council to obtain better data on waste streams and waste services/operations, and effectively regulate private collection services to ensure they are aligned with the Council's waste management objectives.

A Statement of Proposal was prepared in accordance with section 86 of the Local Government Act 2002, and provides information about the process and whether it is appropriate to have the proposed bylaw for Upper Hutt.

The proposed bylaw is included at the end of our Statement of Proposal document(PDF, 3MB).

Have your say

We invited people to send us their feedback on the proposal between August and September 2020.

Information about this was made available on our website, and printed copies of the Statement of Proposal and Submission form are available at the Upper Hutt Council Civic Centre (838 - 842 Fergusson Drive) and Upper Hutt Central and Pinehaven Libraries.

Council will now consider the feedback submitted, and in due course may decide on a course of action.  Any decisions will be updated on our website and in the local newspaper.