Upper Hutt Bird Report

The 'State and trends in the diversity abundance and distribution of birds in Upper Hutt City' report has been released for 2020.  This report monitors our native birds and lets us know how the individual species are thriving in Upper Hutt.

Download the report here.(PDF, 12MB)

If you'd like to get involved in protecting our native birds and wildlife, consider setting up a trap from Pest Free Upper Hutt in your backyard.  Pest Free Upper Hutt are a volunteer organisation, and are doing great work trapping predators like rats, stoats and weasels that prey on our native birds and their eggs.

The humane rat traps come with a tunnel to keep birds, cats, dogs and young children out of harms way, and can be baited with peanut butter.  They are available from Pest Free Upper Hutt who appreciate a koha of up to $20 to help fund further traps and tunnels.  If you're keen to get involved, contact them at pestfreeupperhutt@gmail.com and let them know your street and suburb so they can get your local coordinator in touch with you to set you up with a trap.