Carbon Calculators

A number of calculators have been set up to help you estimate and reduce your greenhouse gas emissions.  They work best in either Chrome or Firefox browsers, not Internet Explorer.

Calculate your personal carbon footprint

Try estimating your carbon footprint at


FutureFit is New Zealand’s first-ever gamified carbon calculator, developed by Wellington City and Auckland Councils. It has been developed to to help cut individual and household emissions. FutureFit is designed to give little reminders and nudges to keep individuals on track in the context of our busy lives. It provides over 30 choices within four action categories – some easier than others - to reduce one’s carbon footprint. 

Emissions Calculator

A new tool has been developed that allows you to model different scenarios in the Wellington Region, and in turn forecast future emissions.  The calculator lets adjust different parameters so you can see their impact different on emission reductions throughout the region.  Check it out here: