Spearhead Leaders Programme

2019 Spearhead Leaders

What is Spearhead Leaders?

The Spearhead Leaders programme is co-designed by young people with support from Upper Hutt City Council and Upper Hutt Community Youth Trust, and aims to enhance youth voice and leadership in Upper Hutt.

The programme seeks to inspire and empower young people through nurturing belonging and a sense of purpose, supporting skill and knowledge development, and offering supported leadership experiences and opportunities all while having fun! Spearhead Leaders values young people, community involvement and development, individuality, diversity and growth.

Spearhead leaders is completely free, and includes a challenging outdoor pursuits weekend, regular and fun activities, weekly leadership training sessions in the first half of the year, and bi-weekly training sessions for the remainder of the year. There is also an opportunity to develop a community initiative showcasing youth leadership skills.

The Spearhead Leaders are supported by mentors from Upper Hutt City Council and Upper Hutt Community Youth Trust. Additionally they are supported by two youth mentors who were themselves former Spearhead Leaders during the previous year.

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