Mesa Youth Ambassador Exchange

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We are relaunching the Mesa Youth Ambassador Exchange Programme in 2023.

This programme is a home-hosted experience between Mesa City in Arizona, USA, and Upper Hutt City.  The Mesa Youth Ambassadors Exchange programme is an opportunity to grow the world-view of our young people, allowing them to make better-informed decisions about their future. 

For 2023 we will be selecting two Year 13 students and their families to be part of the programme.  The two Upper Hutt students will travel to Mesa, Arizona in April 2023 and be hosted by Mesa selected youths and their families.  The Upper Hutt families will then reciprocate and host their host brother/sister when they travel to Upper Hutt in June 2023. 

This is a collaborative exchange programme between Upper Hutt City Council and Mesa Sister Cities Association to promote international friendships and opportunities for young people to gain an increased sense of identity through exploring culture and diversity on an international scale. 

The Council provides for the cost of airfares and travel insurance to travel to Mesa and makes a small contribution towards the costs incurred by the host family, whilst the Mesa student is with them. 

Additional information about Mesa Youth Ambassadors Exchange(PDF, 204KB) can be found here.

More information about the Mesa Sister Cities Association can be found here. 


Application has now closed.  Thank you for your application and we will be in touch soon.

For queries, please email Jane Braun, Community Development Advisor, at  



2019 Mesa Youth Ambassador Exchange Photo Gallery