Host an event in Upper Hutt



Here in Upper Hutt we boast a beautiful natural environment near Wellington city, with a diverse range of quality venues and spaces. Running an event here couldn’t be easier as our team and community are ready and eager to give you and your customers a great experience. 


Working together

Our City has a wide range of stakeholders directly and indirectly linked to the events sector. These relationships include individuals, iwi, multicultural groups, not-for-profit organisations and commercial operators as well as our team at Upper Hutt City Council. Our partners play a key role in ensuring that we are professional and competitive in the events space, have robust supporting infrastructure and bring the ‘Wow’ factor to support your event experience. 

We work closely with our neighbours from down the valley and over the hills to support a range of thriving events. We are linked by Te Awa Kairangi and connected by reliable rail, roading and cycle trails. In addition to our own networks and resources, we collaborate closely with Hutt City Council and WellingtonNZ, benefiting from their support and promotional channels. Depending on the nature of your event we can collectively create bespoke regional visit itineraries to suit your audience. 


Cutting the red tape

As Council we’ve worked hard to find ways of attracting and supporting a diverse range of events. Events that contribute to the local economy, enhance the city’s vibrancy, kaitiakitanga and provide cultural, safe and accessible experiences that are of value to locals and visitors alike. This focus aligns with Council’s Long-Term Plan and we are committed to bringing this vision to life.  

We support event enquiries by offering a smooth and supported process for required consents, permits and licences. We can help you with supported venue bookings, promotional support, community connections and partner introductions, we can even give you advice on how to minimise event waste. 


Venues and spaces

Upper Hutt has a wide variety of indoor and outdoor spaces that can be booked for events. From one of our stunning parks to comprehensive event venues like Whirinaki Whare Taonga, there are spaces that suit all needs like sporting, recreation, celebrations, cultural or experience events.

Popular event locations include, but are not limited to:


Event delivery

Our team is on hand to assist you with anything from the basics such as venue information, permits, resource consents, environmental sustainability and traffic management right through to the accessibility plans and where to go for theming or event management and delivery. 

We’ll reach out and connect you with suppliers, venues, facilities, and accommodation options. Our strong networks mean that these are at our fingertips ready to be activated.  



We can offer a range of marketing support to help promote your event including: 

  • Hutt Valley NZ website, Facebook and Instagram 
  • My Upper Hutt Facebook and Instagram
  • Upper Hutt City Council noticeboards, posters, Whirinaki Whare Taonga display posters

Read more about how we can support your business or event.pdf(PDF, 324KB)

Event Fund

Events we support financially need to meet key criteria that align to our strategies and objectives. We’re particularly keen to support events that provide economic and social returns for our city, help us build city and community pride, encourage active community participation and engagement, support local, have a strong emphasis on kaitiakitanga and profile our city. If your event has the potential to deliver positive economic benefits and leave a legacy long after the event has packed up and gone, then ask us about the Event Fund.


We want to work with likeminded groups to help deliver events in our city that our residents and visitors will be proud of. Together we can:

  • Align with our vision but help each other to deliver it
  • Respect our diverse culture and mana whenua
  • Discuss problems and solutions to collectively problem-solve
  • Deliver back a quality return on investment outcome, especially if we are investing financially in your event
  • Be easy to work with and open to changing things up to enhance results and deliver a better customer experience
  • Identify mutual benefits and really push the boundaries of what we’ve done before
  • Bring an adaptive and flexible attitude – we’re cutting the red tape to make life easy for you so we hope you will return the favour
  • Make the most of our physical strengths and the structure of our city
  • Work in with our natural seasonality and be creative in what our community has access to
  • Achieve outstanding results and provide exceptional experiences

So what's special about Upper Hutt?

Our combination of a beautiful, natural environment, our proximity to Wellington City, and our diverse range of quality venues and spaces sets us apart from other cities. We have a strong desire to attract events to our city for the benefit of our residents, improving the liveability and character of Upper Hutt. Events are a key part of Council’s strategy to support our economy and drive tourism into our city and to create overall feelings of belonging and a sense of pride.  

The City boasts a wide range of open spaces, including venues for large scale rugby, football and cricket competitions. There are also venues that have capacity to host events of up to 20,000 attendees. Accommodation options across Upper Hutt include a wide range of motels, bed and breakfasts, and camping options to suit all budgets.  

Running an event here could not be easier as our team and community are ready and eager to give you and your customers an overwhelmingly positive experience. We have done away with the red tape and our team are willing to go above and beyond to enable more successful events to happen in our City. 

We have some distinct advantages in the events space and we’re not shy about sharing them...

  • Our proximity to Wellington
  • Our natural assets as Wellington's wild backyard
  • Our local community and businesses wanting to collaboratively support events and associated industries
  • Our unique facilities including Wellington Racing Club, Brewtown, Whirinaki Whare Taonga, Trentham Memorial Park and Maidstone Park 

Contact us

If you would like to bring your event into our thriving community, please get in touch with the team directly for support:

(04) 527 2169