White Ribbon Campaign

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We became White Ribbon accredited in April 2019. As part of the accreditation process, we were required to demonstrate the ability to support the White Ribbon kaupapa, enact policies, train staff, and put in place proactive violence prevention awareness.

Standing behind the messages of White Ribbon matters to us because:

  • our accreditation required us to demonstrate our commitment through tangible actions, not just words, to support and promote healthy masculinity and respectful relationships.
  • our policies are designed to protect and be alongside staff who are victims and/or perpetrators of domestic violence. 
  • we are invested in training our staff to recognise signs of abuse, promote bystander intervention, and contribute to a culture of respect and inclusivity. 
  • the importance of championing wellbeing and healthy relationships across our community is motivated by the ongoing police callouts to incidents of family harm at times in the wider community. By supporting the White Ribbon campaign, we are taking an active role in shining a light on family harm.

We also partner with community agencies to work on initiatives throughout the year in reducing family harm.  These agencies include:

We invite you to join us in championing this cause. 

Together we can make a difference and be a part of a change. Stand with us and with White Ribbon.


Browse toolkit on healthy masculinity and respectful relationship



For more information about White Ribbon, go to whiteribbon.org.nz