Rural and residential District Plan rules (PC-50)

Plan Change 50

Shape the future of Upper Hutt

We’re embarking on a significant review of the residential and rural chapters of our District Plan, which controls land use and development throughout most of the city. To grow smarter, we’ll need to grow differently.  This means we want to hear your ideas, and test ours ideas with you too.

We’re calling this review ‘Plan Change 50’ and it will include changing policies and rules to enable the right types of housing growth in the right places. We’ll be directed by our Land Use Strategy and National Policy, but we need local knowledge and ideas to help refine that direction, and enable growth that provides for our community’s wellbeing and our environment.

March/May 2020 – Issues and Opportunities Feedback

Large scale reporting has been underway over the last year in order to identify what issues currently exist and what opportunities may assist us in addressing these issues. Community focus groups have also been established to better understand the implications of reporting conclusions at the local level, whether or not this accurately reflects their understanding of the environment, and what other problems and solutions they believe exist.

This consultation is now closed.