Our sustainable future


We have drafted a Sustainability Strategy and now we need your help. As a member of the Upper Hutt community, it’s important that you tell us what you think. We've developed the draft Strategy with the help of our Climate Change focus groups, local expertise, and with reference to international best practice. We’ve proposed eight goals that we believe will set Upper Hutt on the right path to minimise our environmental impact, maximise remedial action, and role-model sustainable community living. 

  1. Council will be carbon neutral before 2050.
  2. We will prioritise protecting and enhancing our natural environment.
  3. We will have a good quality water supply.
  4. Our community will be resilient, adaptable and inclusive.
  5. Upper Hutt City Council will be leaders in the community on sustainability issues.
  6. We will reduce waste.
  7. Our community will be engaged and informed on sustainability issues.
  8. We will encourage low carbon transport.

These goals are accompanied by a set of actions for Council to embark on to achieve them.

This strategy belongs to everyone, so we want to make sure that our plans meet your expectations. By taking time to engage with us, you are helping to create a better city for current and future generations to live in.

This consultation is closed.


View/download the draft Sustainability Strategy(PDF, 931KB)