Let's kōrero

Korero mai-let's talk

Upper Hutt City Council provides services, infrastructure, and amenities with the aim of contributing to the well-being of our community. We plan for ten years into the future based on the needs and aspirations of our community. We review these plans every three years to make sure any changing or emerging needs are taken into account. So we are checking in, to understand what’s important to you and what you think we should focus on. 

We’re facing some challenges currently—some that are impacting our quality of life and others that, if we manage them well, could present some great opportunities over the coming years.

Human impact on the environment continues to make headlines. We’ve already begun work to mitigate some of these effects locally. We’ve also drafted a strategy for sustainability that should help us to set goals and prioritise efforts that can make a real difference here, whilst doing our part in the global scheme of things.

Our economy is on the increase. Our pioneering business people continue to come up with new ideas, and to innovate what may have been done before in new and effective ways.

The latest reports suggest that our available housing will not be able to meet future demand. We’re going to have to make some changes so we can build more... but how and where?

All this change has follow-on impacts, and infrastructure is a prime example. We’ve got to think about our approach to natural resources, along with the movement of people throughout our city and region.

And what about the people? How do we function as a community of individuals, families, and organisations? How do we come together? Celebrate? Commemorate? How much should Council focus on social and cultural wellbeing?

So what’s important to you? Tell us what your priorities are. What do you think we should stop, start, and continue doing? What considerations should we take into account that will help our city thrive over the next ten years?

Feedback through Let's kōrero has now closed.

Some of the questions in the form asked for high-level feedback on growth and housing. For detailed feedback and information, click here to go to our PC50 page.