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Upper Hutt youth restore pride in their community

Blueberry Grove alleyway

Upper Hutt City Council coordinates a restoration project in Blueberry alleyway in order to lower graffiti vandalism in the community. UPPER HUTT, Wellington NZ, 05 FEB 2016—The year is off to a bright start, thanks to a restoration project for local youth artists, coordinated by Upper Hutt City Council. The project paired local youth with… Read more »

Bridge Road Update

The New Bridge Tenders will be called for the new bridge mid next week (9 February) with the successful tenderer appointed around mid-March. The successful contractors first operation will be the demolition of the old bridge during April/May before the fish spawning season and ordering the special steel for the beams from China. Contract completion… Read more »

Ashes to Ashen—Aurora 44 brings new life to Upper Hutt’s former CIT complex

Former CIT

Game developer Aurora 44 has taken up residence in Upper Hutt’s former CIT complex as they continue development of their flagship game, Ashen. UPPER HUTT, Wellington NZ, 29 JAN 2016—Upper Hutt’s former CIT campus has a new tenant, Aurora 44, who are developing their first official game—Ashen. According to Aurora 44’s web presence, “Ashen is… Read more »

2016 Annual Community Survey coming up for Upper Hutt residents

Upper Hutt City Council’s performance and services to the community will be under the spotlight as it seeks feedback from residents.  UPPER HUTT, Wellington NZ, 28 JAN 2016—This year’s Annual Community Survey will begin on Tuesday, 9 February. The survey, which is initiated by Upper Hutt City Council, may take up to 3 weeks, concluding… Read more »

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